welcome to Paolo Carbonaio's homepage, alias Humbert Du Charbon, I would like to tell you something about myself and the books that I have written, the "Saga of Hathor".

I'm Italian and an old sailor of ships and sailing boats. I have seen much of the world and known many people of every race and religion, but, above all, I have learnt that nothing is worth more than freedom.

Every man has rights and nobody should suffer from their life, in this way nobody can take away someone else's freedom and impose their own thoughts andbeliefs.

This is the philosophy that I have looked to transfer into my "Saga of Hathor" sea adventure novels.
I talk about them in a section of this site that, if you would like, you can visit.

Happy surfing and enjoy the wind!

paolo carbonaio

The internet is way to communicate because words make the thoughts that without themselves wouldn't be. All authors are unique, but together they are the thoughts of humanity. Published or not, famous or unknown for many, writing is life and keeping the flame alive, that started from a spark, has paved the way for the first written sentences and rhymes. Different sparks for each person, but essential.

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